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Fiery Fries

Rs. 1,900 Rs. 2,500

Love classy and beautiful presentation for snacks? Look no further, Antiqkart presents you with an incredibly handcrafted serving platter, designed for serving snacks, starters, and meals. The fiery fries feature notch in the wooden base that will make sure the basket and dip bowl does not fall off. It has a sturdy handle that allows you to take the food straight from the kitchen to the guest table.

The product is made with edible paint and you can serve delicious snacks, fries, wedges, or other items in a mesh basket to promote a unique and elegant presentation. It also includes a small black bowl for the side sauce on the wooden platter to complete the dish creatively. Whether it’s a special dinner, family gathering, or any other occasion, you can serve French fries and other snack items in a stylish way.

The basket and bowl are removable and can be washed easily with a soft sponge. Simply, place an order online and get it delivered safely to your door.

Buy Fiery Fries online at economical prices!

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